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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

By completing the IMAJH Talents Registration Form you are accepting and agree to the below items and IMAJH company Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy.

  1. All the information I have provided on this registration form is true and always I’ll update my profile with the true information.
  2. IMAJH Talents can decline my registration form or delete my profile at any time and for any reason.
  3. I must update my profile with all the necessary information and materials professionally within 48 hours after the registration.
  4. I understand the copyright law that I have the right to use all the footage, pictures, music and, other materials using on my profile from the owner of the materials.
  5. I accept that IMAJH company has the rights to record or use my footage, videos, photos, voices and name etc. on any kind of platform such as Television, Internet, Social Media Pages, DVD, and USB for commercial and promotional purposes etc. from today onwards.
  6. If for any reason I need to delete the footage from the mentioned platforms I must put forward the request to the IMAJH company and it is at their discretion to accept or decline my request.
  7. If I decide to take legal action against IMAJH company and its related companies for any reason, it is my responsibility to pay all legal costs incurred.
  8. I accept the IMAJH company Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.